to Portlaoise College

Welcome to Portlaoise College. Our school is situated just minutes from the heart of Portlaoise.
Portlaoise College provides full-time education for over 500 students in Junior and Leaving
Certificate Cycle.

Portlaoise College has built up a reputation in the delivery of a high quality and progressive
educational programme, particularly with its emphasis on the Sciences, Technology, Sports and
Information and Communication Technology and overall commitment to innovation, in all that it

We offer a comprehensive range of subjects at Junior and Leaving Certificate and we also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities using our excellent facilities. We are committed to working
in partnership with parents/guardians to ensure that your son / daughter has a positive school
experience where they can reach their full potential

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My sons are enjoying their time at the College both academically and socially. My eldest son went from a shy child to an outgoing young man now in 6th year. I am appreciative of the opportunities my sons got from studying in the school. I am thankful to all the staff and the great atmosphere

Christelle Dunne Parent

Portlaoise College is a fantastic learning environment. The extra-curricular activities and subjects on offer are great, coding has been a great addition. At Portlaoise College I play Gaelic football, basketball and spikeball. It has been a great decision to come to Portlaoise College.

Fionn Abbey Second Year Student

I’ve enjoyed my time in Portlaoise College so far, I love the work ethic of the school but also the fun from the extra-curricular activities we have!

Aishat Shitta Second Year Student

Our daughter is a 2nd year student in Portlaoise College she has made leaps and bounds both academically & socially since she started secondary school. As a parent I am immensity satisfied with educational aspect that Portlaoise College provides both with curricular & extracurricular activities. We certainly made the right decision in choosing this school.

Sinead Moran Parent


Portlaoise College was founded on the principle that by pursuing big ideas and sharing what we learn, we

want to make the world a better place for all our learners. 

Certified Teachers