Students visit the EU Commission Building, Dublin.

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Students visit the EU Commission Building, Dublin.

On the 6th of February, 5th year business students travelled to Dublin to visit the European Union offices. When we arrived we were greeted by Julio, our guide for the day. Julio, who hails from Spain and is currently working with the EU Commission in Dublin, gave us a speech and after, presented a slideshow on “How the EU works”.  Following this, he asked us many quick-fire questions – this kept us very engaged and was also very exciting. This gave us an opportunity to show off our own knowledge on the EU.

After the presentation, Julio organised a table quiz for our class. It lasted for an hour and the winning team which so happened to include yours truly! received power banks, rulers, keyrings and pens as our prize. We were delighted!  Julio ended up giving almost everyone a prize on the day for answers to random questions such as “What is the capital of Estonia?” Visiting the EU Commission building in Dublin was a really interesting and fun way to learn more about this Leaving certificate topic.

Our teacher, Ms Duggan even told us that it appears not only in Business Studies but also in Geography, Politics and Society and in Link Modules! Less study to do!!  I would recommend this trip to any student who has the chance to go.

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