Portlaoise College introduce Reflective Journals

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Portlaoise College introduce Reflective Journals

Portlaoise College introduce reflective journals

Portlaoise College is leading the way as the first school in the county to introduce reflective JCPA journals. The JCPA- Junior cycle profile of achievement- contains a students’ Junior Cert results, results from CBA’s (classroom based assessments) and information on other areas of learning that a student might have had during their first three years of secondary school. This profile creates a full picture of every student and the new journal will help the students keep track of all their developments and allow them to reflect on what they have accomplished.

Teacher Ms. Catriona Walsh explains further, ‘I think this JCPA journal will help our students take ownership of their work and reflect upon achievements, the students are becoming more self-aware and appreciating other areas of learning’. Ms. Walsh, the Junior Cycle for teachers’ coordinator in Portlaoise College launched the journal with 1st and 2nd year students and it will come into immediate effect, students will begin looking at areas of learning in extra-curricular activities, classroom based initiatives and whole school developments.

Ms. Mary Marum worked on the design and lay-out of the journal, ‘the objective was to enable students to create meaningful content based on independent reflection’. The JCPA journal is certainly an efficient way of monitoring young people’s progress through school and creating opportunities for reflection. A positive and progressive step.