First Years

First Years 2021

Dear 6th class Students

My name is Noel Daly, and I am Principal of Portlaoise College.  Many of you might have visited Portlaoise College in the past for our open night or STEM conference. You may even have played football or basketball in our sports hall over the last few years.

As Principal, we are very aware that it is a difficult time for all 6th class pupils. I am sure you are missing your friends and missing the last weeks of school. You are also missing the enjoyment of finishing and moving on to 2nd level.

I know that at this time of year also your teacher would normally be working with you on the transition from primary to secondary school. If you were in class normally, you would be able to ask your teacher or friends about the move to secondary school, so when the summer holidays came, you would not have to worry about the change.
We here at Portlaoise College make sure that you do not have to worry because when you start in September, we have a lot of people to help you if you have any questions or need some help.

We want to make sure that all our first years settle in very quickly and make friends.
We had planned before the Covid 19 came to have a day in June that you could visit the school and help you familiarise yourself with your surroundings and ask any questions. As we cannot do that for now, we have put together some resources that will help you with your questions and that you can view with your parents in your home.
Please enjoy looking at and reading these resources, and I do hope you find them helpful.

Finally, can I say that there is no need to be concerned or to be worrying about starting secondary school because I know that here in Portlaoise College we will make sure that you settle in really quickly? Remember you have got through eight years of primary school and the Covid 19 virus, so starting secondary school will be a breeze.
Have a great summer holiday and enjoy the summer holidays.

Noel Daly